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AMA = Ask Me Anything

2013-02-24 16:25:22 by EJR

Maybe I'll answer. Maybe I won't.

Go ahead, all the cool kids are doing it.


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2013-03-20 00:57:16

donnie darko is a pretty cool movie you should watch it

I don't have any questions.

EJR responds:

I probably won't watch it.


2013-03-19 20:17:38

did you know Flea is Donnie Thornberry?

EJR responds:

yeah. I was p surprised when i found out tho because the wild thornberrys sucked.


2013-03-18 00:05:06 s]

try that.

EJR responds:



2013-03-17 20:31:58

Started season 2 yet? The season finale is tonight and I'm not leaving home until I watch it.

EJR responds:

Not yet :-(

I've been bad with tv shows lately. plus 1channel has a lot of annoying/broken links


2013-03-17 13:55:58

Who are the review mods on NG? srs qn

EJR responds:

Review Moderators: absent, aviewaskewed, bob, Captain, Coop, deckheadtottie, Evark, EyeLovePoozy, kidray76, life, M-Bot, Malachy, MindChamber, NEVR, ornery, Rage, ReNaeNae, reverend, SevenSeize, tigerkitty, WavyGravy, Wylo, and Zendra.


2013-03-16 23:50:21

nvm i can answer it

EJR responds:

good one


2013-03-16 23:50:09

Are you gay


2013-03-13 23:49:40

It's generally accepted that earwax comes in 2 varieties, 'wet' and 'dry'. What category do you fall under?

EJR responds:

Dry, except for when it's wet.


2013-03-12 20:25:02

is it possible to fly?

EJR responds:



2013-03-05 17:21:54

If this post was suddenly bombarded with hundreds of original questions, would you take the time to answer all of them? How many flash submissions do you view/play an average week? What's your favorite element?

EJR responds:

Yes. I don't really count but I go through a few movies and games every couple days.

I like all the elements.


2013-03-05 16:52:49

Ejr, you're thinking of someone else.

I believe you're thinking of Xenomit or Tox.

Both of them were complaning about Superghandi and how the mods didn't ban him.

EJR responds:

Oh my b


2013-03-05 16:48:17

EJR why is Suprememessege a pandering shithead?

EJR responds:



2013-03-05 16:05:45

EJR why do people hate you for doing your job?

(Updated ) EJR responds:

I don't know. I thought you'd be the person that would hate me the most after seeing your whole rant on how mods sucked lol

or maybe i'm thinking of someone else.


2013-03-04 20:00:06

I would prefer the portal be fixed through overall change in user expectations and standards as opposed to having to resort to raising the minimum required/vote ratio necessary to pass.

EJR responds:

Yeah true


2013-03-04 19:53:28

Thank you for responding to my question on the general forum. I just as much appreciate you subsequently locking the thread. (not sarcasm ^^)

EJR responds:

No problem. I understand your concern and portal mods have discussed it before but there isn't an easy way to fix it.


2013-03-04 00:14:05

I have a question. Why won't you wise up?????

EJR responds:



2013-03-04 00:13:51

For the love of god EJR just do what the man says or NG will be shut down!

EJR responds:

the fate of newgrounds is in my hands.........


2013-03-03 22:41:13

i dident m,ean that i ment ur an asshole tyrant m0d!!!!

but hey, at least i know how you sleep and maybe i'll start doing that. i personally lie on my back

EJR responds:

plz be nice im knew at this


2013-03-03 15:37:58

how do you sleep?!?!?!?!?!?!

EJR responds:

I sleep on my side with 2 pillows and a blanket.


2013-03-02 22:09:04

do you like rhcp's debut?

EJR responds:

It has some good songs on it. It's pretty average though.


2013-03-02 14:31:40

how do you like your banhammer

EJR responds:

It's alright.


2013-02-27 22:44:37

All the sheep are doing it.
Also, do you like modding?

(Updated ) EJR responds:

It has its ups and downs. It's like one minute, the BBS is nice and quiet and I don't have to do anything and the next minute there are kids causing a ruckus left and right. I'm enjoying it so far.



2013-02-27 20:40:30

halp i broek pnis

EJR responds:

this isn't a question either


2013-02-27 19:14:57

Do you ever use your chromebook?

EJR responds:

I used it a few times but the screen was screwed up upon opening it so I didn't enjoy it at all.


2013-02-27 18:21:14

holy shit I meant to post that once forgive me

EJR responds:

ur not forgiven pleb


2013-02-27 18:20:51

If Gory Blizzard laid his penis upon your knee what would you do.

EJR responds:

I would say ew yucky and then never speak to him again


2013-02-26 19:07:31

Do you want me to put that on your bill?

(Updated ) EJR responds:

put it on my bill premo


2013-02-26 13:10:20

How far are you in GIRLS?

EJR responds:

Still haven't watched any more besides the first episode. I'll probably get to it on Friday


2013-02-26 08:02:04

What do you miss the most about Stickam?

EJR responds:

Summer 2009


2013-02-25 17:14:29

what is your favorite movie ejr

EJR responds:

I don't even know. The most recent one I watched was Clerks II though and I liked it a lot.


2013-02-25 15:33:58

Any big plans for your 18th year of existence?

EJR responds:

Not really. Just going with the flow from here on out. This whole past week has been pretty good to me.


2013-02-25 04:30:18

Can I ask you a question?

EJR responds:



2013-02-25 00:54:17

why are you hispanic

EJR responds:

I was born this way


2013-02-25 00:25:26

Name a movie that made you cry.

EJR responds:

Rugrats in Paris


2013-02-24 23:53:31


EJR responds:



2013-02-24 23:35:23

what is good and bad, anyway?

EJR responds:

Does there always have to be two options? Where's the neutral?


2013-02-24 23:21:03

is it a good idea to answer a question with a question?

EJR responds:

Is it ever actually a bad idea?


2013-02-24 22:45:11

are you a true believer?

EJR responds:

If I told you the truth, would you believe me?


2013-02-24 22:14:36

Happy Birthday

EJR responds:



2013-02-24 22:03:05

Cat or Dog? Star Trek or Star Wars? Can you help me learn to finish my q

EJR responds:

Dog. Star Wars. Maybe I can h


2013-02-24 21:31:59

Do you think levitation is possible?

EJR responds:

Anything is possible when you believe


2013-02-24 21:01:47

What flavor?

EJR responds:



2013-02-24 20:26:36

Have you ever tried to grow facial hair, and if so, how thick did you manage to get your beard going?

EJR responds:

I've tried to grow a goatee but I could never get it thick enough in a reasonable amount of time so I shave it off after 3 weeks. I'd have to spend about a month and a half growing it out if I want a good one.


2013-02-24 19:37:51

You want a gatorade?

EJR responds:



2013-02-24 18:14:07

Four Questions:

1. How bad do you expect the Bears to lose when the Bengals visit them this year?

2. Are you really 6'1? That would make you tower over me.

3. Which do you prefer: Straight animating or creating original musical pieces?

4. Getting bbs modship at age 17, weren't you the youngest bbs mod ever?

(Updated ) EJR responds:

1) Trick question, the Bears will annihilate the Bengals 10-0
2) I'm probably just a bit over 6 feet even. I'm still not completely sure
3) Creating musical pieces on guitar. I prefer animating to creating songs in FL studio though.
4) SBB was modded at like 12 or 13 years old and Canas was 17 too. I think I'm the third youngest BBS mod.

p.s. come back


2013-02-24 18:10:15

have you ever looked up a Raspberry beret on Encyclopedia Dramatica?

EJR responds:

No. Would you recommend it?


2013-02-24 17:41:46

What was your most awkward moment while attending any NG meetup?

EJR responds:

When I got dropped off my mom and my older brother hung out near by to make sure I would be ok. They left when the whole NG group left.


2013-02-24 17:06:54

tell me your fondest memories of me

EJR responds:

There's too many. I can't pick just one.....


2013-02-24 17:04:12

what do you think of wearing a scottish cap like this ( DBg3hdIAAAAAAG3mwQ.jpg?v=1251916044000 )
on top of a artists beret such as this ( t-with-a-beret-at-a-canvas-looking-up.jpg ) ??

EJR responds:

Funky and fresh